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People in the fashion industry know that going to the best fashion school is a great way to land a fashion internship. Internships allow you to get hands-on experience that will make your resume pop, as well as give you examples to show prospect employers of your creativity and dedication in a professional environment. Here are five essential fashion internship tips for how to get a fashion internship.

Tip 1: How to Look
It’s important how you look, on paper that is. Fashion houses are looking for qualified people, so if you have a fashion merchandising degree or other credentials, be sure to list them on your cover letter, resume, and have your portfolio available. Tailor your cover letter and resume to your audience. Are you going for a fashion merchandising internship? Or a fashion design internship?
Tip 2: Research It
Research different fashion houses you would be interested in working for. Who is the designer? What is the essence of that fashion house’s design and what do you like most about them? In doing your homework, you will have a broader knowledge of the company you are prospecting and a better opportunity to explain why you are the prefect intern for them.
Tip 3: Apply, Apply, Apply
Getting an internship in fashion requires putting yourself out there. Apply, apply, apply! You are not going to find a list for fashion design internships for the big designers on job searches; instead, you have to make yourself available to them. Follow up with your application via email or try to meet in person. Be sure to say you are willing and able to work immediately and cannot wait to get started!
Tip 4: Work It
Getting an internship in fashion might seem like you have “arrived” but do not forget that this glamorous industry is hard work. Remember, you are showing your future employer what you are capable of bringing to their fashion business. In order to make the best first impression, always show up on time, ready to work and really listen to what others are requesting of you. If you can prove that you have the basics down, you will have a great shot at being picked up full-time.
Tip 5: Catwalk of Life
What to wear? This is the fashion industry after all, but it is important to keep in mind you will be moving around while shopping, running errands and assisting others most of the day. Dress fashionable, obviously, but functional as well. In the race of fashion life, be sure you can outrun those in seven-inch heels.
Put these five fashion internship tips to work and get started on your fashion industry career!

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