Layering 101: How To Layer During The Winter


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Layering for the cold winter months can be hard. As a matter of fact, layering is an art. You have to know what fits and how it looks on you. The key is to keep yourself warm without looking bulky. Here are my tips to layering for the fall. This is just what works for me. Maybe you have some tips? If so, post them below. Also check out the pictures below from The Sartorialist. They show how to be cute and warm during winter.

Layering 101:

  1.  Always wear the proper undergarments. No I’m not talking about underwear, although you might want to put that on too. I am talking about what you wear on top of the underwear and under everything else. I always wear long sleeve shirts in basic colors like black, white and grey. My go to shirt is the Cuddle Duds Top. They basically use the same technology as the Uniqlo Heat Tech undergarments. They use your own body moisture and body heat to keep you warm when it is oh so cold out.
  2. Next you have to think about your lower half. If you are going to wear baggier pants you can wear knit leggings or the Cuddle Duds Long Legging that I wear. These leggings are just like the Cuddle Duds shirts, so your legs can be warm too. If you are going to wear skinny jeans or other tight pants, try opaque panty hose like the Hanes Silk Reflections Opaque Control Top Tights Hosiery. If you are going to wear a skirt, try Womens Soft Luxurious Black Cashmere Blend Tights Legwear SM ML or LXL or Maurice’s Fleece Tights. Fleece tights and cashmere tights will keep your legs very very warm. You can’t go a winter without them.
  3. Next you have to keep your feet warm by using Falke Cashmere Blend Socks. Remember that CASHMERE anything will keep you warm during the winter and your layers light so you don’t have to feel so bulky.
  4. If you use a shirt or pair of leggings like the Cuddle Duds that keep you warm using your own body heat, you won’t have to put on much else except maybe some jeans and a sweater. If you just use regular shirts and leggings, you are probably going to have to layer up with undergarments twice.
  5. Next I try to put on a men’s flannel shirt. Then I put on an Old Navy sweatercardigan, or vest.
  6. After that you have to pick a coat. Everyone needs a casual coat and a dress coat of varying lengths.  I always try and have a coat for everyday and coat for church or work. Maybe you could try a anorak or biker jacket for a cute funky look.
  7. You can wear whatever shoe you deem appropriate. If it is snowing or really cold out, try a winter boot just to be on the safe side. Looking chic is great until you get frostbite and lose a few toes.
  8. Last but not least, you need a good hat, scarf, and a pair of gloves or mittens.

The Sartorialist

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