My Life Since I Moved and Started School

Hey Guys! I wanted to give you a little update about my life since I moved and started fashion design school. As you can see I blog pretty sporadically now, but I do try to keep at least 2-3 posts up each week. That is because the move and school has been super hectic. I can’t wait until Spring Break!!!! I need lots and lots of sleep.

When I moved to Charlotte in January I only had a week until school started, so I knew I had to get jumping. That first week was full of unpacking and deliveries and going to school to get my supply kit, parking tag, etc. etc. Then in the middle of the week, I got sick.

I knew it was coming. My body had been rolling since November when I started packing. Then my aunt died and we had hella company over. Then a week after that we had Thanksgiving. Throw in more packing, Christmas, and family coming over for New Year’s and you get a pretty beat down body.
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Once my cold was over, I still had to organize my apartment and get used to school. I hadn’t been in school for over two years. It was quite the adjustment. I am so glad my mom was able to stay for a week to help me get settled in. This quarter system at school is killing me.

You only have a eleven weeks of school each quarter. Before you know it, you blink and you have midterms, and then you have finals. It is also weird to me to have to refer to everything by weeks now. I know certain things in the school schedule happen in week 5 or 6 or whatever.I will say that organizing my life by weeks has made that part a little more organized. My calendars now have the quarter’s week numbers on them.
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When the snow came that threw me off of my game a little bit because the snow days/storm came in teh middle of midterms, but I am back to doing well. So far my teachers have been great, I’m making good grades, and I have already been on one field trip. We took a walking tour of street art downtown. Fun! Also. My skirt for garment construction is coming along nicely.Didi i mention that I have been painting again, and making art for my home? Painting is a great stress reliever.

Charlotte is a big city. I am still trying to learn my way around these crazy streets where people merge without using turning signals and people jaywalk in the middle of the street while cars are coming. The crosswalk is apparently not an option, and you will must definitely have to make a u-turn at least once or twice a day.  Don’t worry… they are legal here.
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I also “like” those yellow blinking lights that they have here for turning. Back home I am used to a green and red turning light at stop lights, but here they have yellow ones that mean something like, “Umm you can go if you want to. Maybe not quite yet. Oh no! Just turn already! Wait. No. No, don’t go.”

The fashion scene here is much bigger than Columbia’s. Duh!I am trying to get to know people, network, and hopefully make it to some events in the future. I am also looking for some local interns. Getting into the fashion scene in a new city is scary, but if I can make moves in NYC… I can make moves anywhere.

Wish me luck! 🙂

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  1. Congrats on the move! It’s nice to have your own to place to decorate 🙂 Best of luck with school. I know it’s hard to maintain a blog while going to school.

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