London Fashion Week Spring 2011

I love London Fashion Week because it is so very different from the other fashion weeks. It isn’t very commercial or overly frou-frou. It just seems like the designers in London are more experimental. Maybe they are having more fun? I don’t know what it is, but I do find London fashion to be more fun, daring, and exciting. How do you feel about London fashion? Look at these designers and give me your take on them. Do you know of some other designers? Let me know. Photos from


Erdem is one of my favorite international brands. Erdem Moralioglu always seems to design fantastic clothes that I think don’t get enough coverage stateside. The prints and detailing on his dresses have officially blown my mind. I would love to go to one of his shows so I can see the garments up close and personal. They always look so beautiful.
Erdem Spring 2011
Roksanda Ilincic’s collection reminded me of the 70s; which is on trend because the 70s are back. The flowing fabrics, wide leg pants, and turbans reminded me of the pictures I’ve studied from the disco era. It was a good solid collection. I would like to see more of her clothes in America as well.
Roksanda Ilincic Spring 2011
Mary Katrantzou’s collection was full of graphic prints and shapes. I wonder why designers in America don’t experiment more with these kinds of prints. Her clothes always remind me of what it must be like in a graphic designers head. Her garments feature a trompe l’oeil efffect. See if you can spot the interiors on the clothes.
Mary Katranzou Spring 2011

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