Ouch! Model’s Feet Take A Beating During Fashion Week

Models Feet Bruised After Fashion Week

I am still on a mini blog hiatus. But while I have a little bit of time to post something, I thought it would be great to post this picture of a model’s foot at the end of fashion week. It is no secret that models take all sorts of beatings during fashion week from crazy hair and makeup to crazy clothes and shoes. This picture shows just how cray cray their feet look at the end of the long month.

When I saw this picture from the most recent Louis Vuitton show on Styleite, I cringed. But when I checked out the rest of the pictures from the details section of that same show on Style.com … I screamed. Almost all of the models’ feet were pretty banged up. Geez Louise! The life of the model is hard. Photo from Styleite.

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