Partnered Post: British E-tailer House of Fraser Has A Dress Selection For Everyone

House of Fraser Petite Dress Collection

House of Fraser recently approached me to check out their website to see what they had to offer. While I had heard of the website before, I was thoroughly impressed with their dress collection. The problem I have with American retailers is the fact that they don’t really offer much for other sizes, and when they do it is often very dull and boring. British retailers, on the other hand, always have cute and stylish options for the plus and petite woman. I guess you can call them the 2Ps.


House of Fraser Plus Size Collection

The fact that House of Fraser has almost 50 petite dresses and almost 200 plus size dresses is amazing. How many times have you stumbled through a website only to find out that there selection of petite and plus size dresses is small and ugly? This selection is neither small or ugly. I fell in love with most of these dresses, and I liked the fact that you could find dresses in a British size 6 to a British size 24. For those of you who are used to US sizing that would be a 4-22.


Another thing that I liked is the fact that House of Fraser ships to well over 40 countries. The dresses range in price from £40 to £275 aka 62 to $429, which can be pretty steep in US prices. When you consider the fact that they have great sales, like the one going on right now, and the brands that they carry, like Lovedrobe and Chesca, the prices aren’t that much worse than your local department store. Check out House of Fraser’s petite and plus size dress collection today.

This has been a Partnered Post. I was compensated by the House of Fraser.

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