Searching For A Plus Size Bralette…I Found Them At Torrid!

plus size bralette

plus size bralette
Searching for a plus size bralette…Well I found them at Torrid. Actually there are a ton of stores out there selling them since fashion hopped on the plus size bralette trend. Women everywhere are wearing them now. I was afraid to wear them because I, like many plus size women, are full-chested. The thought of me wearing a bralette without support was low key frightening, but I did it and now I’m back to tell you what I bought.

I was initially going to make this a video, but I figured it would have been easier for me to just write it out. Sometimes it be’s like that. Anyway. It got hot last week, and I decided that I was not going to spend the entire summer in a heavy wired up bra. No ma’am. I declared that I would not do it. You may feel the same way too.

If you feel like I do, then lookahere! Like I said before, there are a lot of stores and brands that have bralettes for plus size women now. If you want more options, you can check out Lane Bryant, Cosabella, Forever 21 Plus, Ashley Stewart, and Charlotte Russe Plus. They all have some pretty great options now. I, however, went to Torrid because I had heard from a ton of people that they loved their bralettes. What can I say? This is one time I actually decided to follow the crowd.

How I Found The One True Plus Size Bralette To Hold My Tits!

Before I bought my two bralettes from Torrid, I went to the plus size bralette section of the website and scoped out which bralettes I thought would fit and hold my bra shape the best. Not to get too TMI here but I don’t have the firmest of breasts, and depending on which company I buy from my bra size can range from a DD to an I. The bras I have been wearing lately from Walmart and other brands come in a size 44DD.

Ok. So now that that is out of the way,  I found a few styles that I thought would fit my particular breast shape. I decided to figure out what look I was going for. Current fashion trends suggest that some of the bralettes can be worn out as tops, underneath clothing, or as a little peekaboo element to your tops and dresses. I just wanted something to wear around the house, sleep in, and maybe wear out underneath my clothing.

I found two bras that I thought did the trick. I read Torrid’s size guide and then I measured myself using their size chart. These are two different things are very important. You need to be able to pick the right bra. I measured myself and I still ended up with one bra that fit and one that kinda fits. I ended up keeping both. The size that I bought these bras in was a 3.

The Crop Lace Bralette fit perfectly. I think it fits well because it is a longline bra. That kinda gives the bralette more structure. The Torrid Lace Trim Bralette fit a little too loose. I really think I should have gotten it in a 2 instead. The one thing I really love about these braletts is that they both have straps that adjust on them. That is super helpful. Also one last thing-read the reviews. The reviews on Torrid’s site were super helpful.

Both bras are $28.90. They have some that are in the $30 range and some that are lower. A few weeks ago, Torrid had a BOGO buy one get one $10 sale. This week they have a buy one get one 50% off. I may take advantage of it because I do want to buy some more. You might want to run to Torrid too. This sale is a really good one.

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Plus size bralette


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