What Street Style Photography Is Really Like

Video from The Cut.

A lot of times you see the pretty picture of a blogger or socialite, editor or model skirting to or from a fashion show. Everything looks so serene in those images, even the ones where they are walking or running. You never see what the other side of the lens looks like.

I have been outside the shows, and I can honestly tell you that it is madness. This show season, I decided not to do the street style thing that I had done the previous two seasons, basically because I didn’t want to pack my heavy camera and then have to lug it around with me.

Besides… I was just tired of having to stand/run/sit/kneel/squat/chase/fight for a space, and then do it all over again each and every time a great outfit or superstar walked by. It was fun for all of two seconds. I may go back to taking street shots again next show season because I did like the shots I came up with, and the whole scene really is fascinating, but for now…I am retired.

Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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