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Accessory Minute- Plus Size Rings

plus size rings Sorry I have been away for some long. Two weeks seems like an eternity, but I have been busy with school. I only have a few weeks left and two weeks ago I had midterms. Everything is going by so fast.

Anyway. For today’s Accessory Minute, I wanted to write about plus size rings because I have large fingers. I think my ring size is a 10, so I always have trouble finding cute, stylish rings to fit my finger. ASOS Curve has a ton of rings on their site.

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Of Course the New Pieces From Atelier Minyon Are Gorgeous

Atelier Minyon

Atelier Minyon

Of course the new pieces from Atelier Minyon are gorgeous! Why wouldn’t they be. Jewelry designer Alp Sagnak always makes really cool and interesting jewelry. I follow their Facebook page for updates because I love looking at what he is going to come up with next. His imagination and creativity know no bounds, no limits. I am in love with the new pieces that I saw, but there were a few that really caught my eye. I am in love with the mix of gold with rough edges and rough cut diamonds. It kind of reminds me of a battle between good and evil. Anyway, check out the pieces and tell me what you think. Photo from Atelier Minyon.
Even though I was able to view quite a few pieces, here are my favorites:
18K Yellow Gold Angel Wing Earrings with Diamonds
18K Yellow Gold and Oxidized Silver Winged Angel Necklace with 14K Rose Gold Chain
18K and Oxidized Silver Owl Cuff with Diamonds and Garnets

To Die For- ASOS Curve Jewelry Coming In August

ASOS Curve Jewelry

ASOS Curve Jewelry

There are a lot of cool collections and designer drops this fall like Carmakoma to ASOS.  Now ASOS Curve Jewelry, coming in August, is another one. You may have noticed ASOS Curve little pieces of jewelry here and there, but not a larger selection will be available this fall. I can’t wait to check out the ID necklaces, bracelets and rings they have for sale. The prices are pretty good too. The range will be priced from $10-$51. Check back on the ASOS site for details on the jewelry launch. Photo from ASOS.

Don’t forget to enter in the $140 J. Crew gift card giveaway!

Partnered Post- Find Unique Jewelry at ShopBevel.com

Shop Bevel

If you have been following my Instagram, then you would see a pair of Elephant earrings that I were gifted to me from ShopBevel.com. Haven’t heard of Shop Bevel? Well watch this video to find out what they are about. Shop Bevel is a website that allows indie jewelry designers from around the world to submit their designs. YOU get to vote on which ones will be sold on the site. Then the jewelry gets manufactured, you buy it for a very affordable price, the designer gets a cut of the profit, and everybody wins! Some of the jewelry on the site is very trendy, other pieces are very interesting and unique, but all the pieces are beautiful. This site is truly for the jewelry lover. Shop Bevel was nice enough to give my readers a 25% off coupon code, BBSTUDS. Jump on it ladies!

To Die For… Forever 21’s Heart Shaped Choker

forever 21 heart shaped choker

forever 21 heart shaped choker

Chunky gold chains and chokers are all the rage again this season. You can find them in various shapes or with cool animals or tags on them. This Heart Shaped Choker from Forever 21 features cool heart shaped interlocking chains. The cool thing about this necklace is that you can be cute and trendy for only $8.80! You really can’t beat that! Photo from Forever 21.

Chloe + Isabel Presents The Duchess Collection 2013

chloe and isabel

chloe and isabel

Alicia Bailey is a local woman who sells Chloe + Isabel jewelry in the Columbia Metro area. She sent me the lookbook for their new collection titled The Duchess. I am in love with their jewelry. The Duchess collection is light, feminine, and airy. It reminds me of Marie Antionette. The best part about the jewelry is the price. Just about everything is under $100. As a matter of fact, most things are between $30-$50. You can’t get much better than that. Check out Alicia’s boutique here and her Facebook page here. [SOURCE]

TFAS Presents-Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide

Jewelry gifts
Jewelry gifts1. ASOS Lion Stone Cocktail Ring $17.54 2. Fireball hoop earrings by Lane Bryant $14.95 3. Shoedazzle Deco Society Jewelry Set(Ring, Bracelet, and Earrings) $39.95 4. Betsey Johnson Bracelet, Antique Gold-Tone Striped Bow Bangle Bracelet $38.00

Everyone has that one friend, aunt, sister who is obsessed with jewelry. In honor of the jewelry lovers out there, I compiled this holiday gift guide with cute and affordable gifts that are sure to please. Who knows? You might want some of these gifts for yourself. Don’t forget to check out the other holiday gift guides here and here. Photos from PublicDomainPictures.com, Macy’s, Shoedazzle, Lane Bryant, and ASOS


Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Michael Kors.

It seems like everybody in the world has a Michael Kors watch except me. Waahhh!! I’ve wanted one forever! I go into the Michael Kors store, look in my local department stores, and even look online. I still don’t have one. I can’t make up my mind about which one I want. I am completely in love with these watches because they are timeless, #mktimeless.

They look good with anything. Anything!! You can wear them with any outfit, and they have a look about them that will never get old. #MKtimeless…ah hello! Hopefully I will get my hands on the Michael Kors Paris Limited Edition Runway Watch. If not, a brown or gold one will do. If I could ever make up my mind. If you want to win one of the Michael Kors Paris Limited Edition Runway Watch look below.

Love your Michael Kors watch? Show us how you wear it! Share your photo on Instagram with the tag #MKTimeless for a chance to win our Paris Limited Edition Runway watch.

Luxury Lust- Atelier Minyon Wows with Fluorescent Diamonds

Atelier Minyon Fluorescent Diamonds

Atelier Minyon Fluorescent Diamonds

While in New York for fashion week, I visited Atelier Minyon and they wowed the heck out of me with their fluorescent diamonds. I had never seen fluorescent diamonds before. I mean really…who knew diamonds could glow in the dark. Well Atelier Minyon jewelry designer Alp Sagnak was hip to it, and made gorgeous cuffs, rings, and necklaces with the diamonds embedded in floral shapes. Since the piece are one of a kind, whoever owns these will be extra special. These are pieces I am truly lusting after.

Affordable Super Chunky Necklaces

ASOS, Topshop, and Forever 21 have some really affordable options for the chunky necklace trend. Editors and bloggers have been seen pairing these types of necklaces with collared button down shirts and even not so basic tees. I am not a big jewelry wearer, but when I do wear jewelry these are the types of necklaces I wear. I really love wearing them with my dresses because they can act as a statement piece. Click above for more info.

Luxury Lust- Alexander McQueen Goldtone Cameo Ring

Luxury Lust

Alexander McQueen Goldtone Cameo Ring

I love, love, love signet rings. They look so regal and official to me for some reason. This Alexander McQueen Goldtone Cameo Ring from Net-a-Porter is so pretty and creepy to me because of the smooth gold and center skull. I won’t be buying it though. Three hundred and fifteen dollars is a bit much for me! Photo from Lyst.

Bad Bish- Anna Dello Russo for H&M

Bad Bish
This fall, October 4th, you will be able to buy an accessories collection from Vogue editor Anna Dello Russo at H&M. This is great news for those that think she is a fashion icon…which she is. I mean who doesn’t want affordable jewelry and accessories designed by someone like her?!?!? Anyway. This video from H&M is supposed to introduce us to her, her inspiration, and her enviable closet.

Beautiful Turkish Inspired Jewelry At Atelier Minyon

Atelier Minyon

As usual, when I was in New York for fashion week, I stopped by Atelier Minyon to check out the new jewelry collection. Every single time I visit them, I am wowed and astounded by the beauty of the pieces. Bright jeweled rings, gorgeous diamond necklaces and fanciful animal inspired pieces continue to amaze. The Turkish inspired jewelry would really give your jewelry collection a Byzantine edge. Check out Atelier Minyon if you happen to be in New York.

Atelier Minyon is located at 155 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012.

Nicki Minaj Acts Like A Donkey By Wearing A Fried Chicken Necklace

Nicki Minaj fried Chicken wing necklaceSo you all know how I can’t stand Nicki Minaj. Well now she went and made me dislike her even more. This fried chicken wing necklace is straight ignorant foolywang fuckery at its finest. I really can’t with her right now. Everything she has been wearing as of late has gotten so ridiculous. I can’t even….I just… I guess? No! No! No and No! Or as the French say, “Non!” There is just no way around this. It sux! 🙁 Picture from Refinery29.

Radiant Jewels From Atelier Minyon

atelier minyon ss12

On Fashions Night Out, before the cops shut down Spring Street, I headed to Atelier Minyon with my good pal Najee Wilson. I introduced him to my friends at the jewelry store. If you follow this blog, you know that I try to visit Atelier Minyon every time I go to New York. The jewelry Alp Sagnak designs is so fantastical, because of the fantasy, Turkish, and rock and roll influences that grace the jewelry. These are a few of the new pieces I saw that night. Some of these pieces are one of a kind. The snake ring in the middle is my favorite because it is so unexpected and you can wear it on two fingers. If you are interested in jewelry from Atelier Minyon, check out the website.

Partnered Post: ShopNBC For Beautiful Jewelry

When you think of NBC, you think 30 Rock and SNL, not gold jewelry and bracelets. Well guess what I found… jewelry on ShopNBC. I had been on the website in the past, but I forgot about it. I actually strolled the website a few more times in the past, and then moved on yet again.

I was quite surprised by what I found. They have some pretty gold jewelry from brands like Charles & Colvard. This brand is perfect for wedding jewelry with their pretty platinum bands. After all wedding season is right around the corner. The heart shaped earrings, for $307.49, were a personal favorite.

ShopNBC also has some really cute bracelets. I see some that my jewelry fanatic mother would love. Which could only mean one thing… I think I have some idea for what I want to get her for Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is only next month and she could use this Multi-Strand Celebration Bangle Bracelet for $148 because it could go with anything in her closet. The jewelry at ShopNBC is perfect for a gift, a wedding, or for yourself. Check out the website today.

TFAS Shop Tours: Atelier Minyon

Today’s post is about the lovely jewelry at Atelier Minyon. By the way, sorry for the delay in posting. The day I was supposed to come back from NYC, my flight was delayed. I was also really drained from the fashion week experience. I have been doing so much laundry and homework that my mind is going crazy. Because of that I hope you don’t mind if I skip reporting on London Fashion Week, which sucks because London usually has the most fun fashions. I will start covering Fashion Week again when Milan starts later in the week and finish with Paris.

OK!!! So enough about that and more about Atelier Minyon. I love the people at Atelier Minyon because they are always so nice, and the jewelry is always so interesting, remember the bone bracelet from last September. Totally cool right?!?!? Yup it is.

atelier minyon

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Korcula Jewelry Is Jewelry With A Purpose

Check out these beautiful bracelets from Korcula Jewelry. They are a sustainable brand that is trying to help those in need in the African country of Rwanda.


New for fall from Korcula jewelry is the “Korcula for Kora” horn bangle. It’s a Rwandan rescue horn bangle from Kora with Korcula’s signature lattice panels of brass with gold plating attached by brass studs. A large portion of the proceeds from Kora horn products goes back to the villages in Rwanda and Kenya to employ the workers manufacturing the pieces – it’s a sustainable brand. It retails for $398.
Korcula Jewelry
Also, part of the Houston-based designer’s Signature Line, is Korcula’s Gold Lattice Cuff, which retails for $248.00. Brass with 14K gold plating, it bends and forms easily to any woman’s wrist.
Korcula Jewelry
More information at – http://shopkorcula.com/