16 or so things about me

I don’t usually do these anymore, but I’m bored.1. I have lazy eyes. One is more lazy than the other but it’s there and it’s annoying. Why can’t I just look straight for once .

2. I start grad school at the Academy of Art University in Jan., so I can get a Masters of Fine Art in fashion merchandising.

3. I love fashion,

4. books and magazines;

5. Therefore, I collect books and magazines on fashion.

6. I am an intern for STYLEHOP.COM. It is a fashion website for college women. JOIN IT OR DIE!!!! I mean stylehop sounds better than death.

7. I love all kinds of music from techno to country to rap to classical, but my favorite type of music is HOUSE MUSIC.

8. I sometimes play the cello when I don’t have fake nails on, and I just learned how to play the guitar. That was something I wanted to do since before I was 6.

9. I used to want to be a DJ, and my name was going to be DJ Lazy I. hah hah get it bah dump bum. *as the sound of bad joke drums and cymbals crash*

10. My best friend Karma and I love Gossip Girl so much that sometimes we text each other just like the narrator in GG. xoxo

11. Sometimes I feel like there is no shame in my game. I’m weird ,who cares. For example I used to curse in my head. Now I don’t care so everyone thinks this is some new occurrence, but it really isn’t.

12. Sometimes being l’enfant unique can be lonely but most of the time, I enjoy being alone. I think my life is a bunch of contradictions.

13. I don’t think I am getting married,but I have my wedding planned out already. Don’t be surprised if I move away and come back home one Christmas with some child or children I adopted. Adoption is cool. My life is better because of it.

14. I want to move away from SC, because, from my experience, nobody judges you as much in bigger cites where everyone is more unique or different.

15. I believe in abstinence and will unfortunately and more than likely be like this until I die at the tender old age of 92 or 102 whatever. What can I say, we all make our choices, as for me, the candy shop is closed.

16. Sometimes I feel like no one knows the real me. I guess it is kinda cool to be very open and closed with my life. Maybe I’m delusion, but I think it might make me a little mysterious.

I know completely random, just like my life.I also have no clue where I found this pic.

By thefatandskinnyonfashion

Jai has been helping bring fashion and beauty news to women around the world as the editor of The Fat and Skinny on Fashion for 5 years!