Watching Ashley Nell Tipton Work Is Inspring Me

Ashley Nell Tipton

Ashley Nell Tipton
Watching Project Runway’s Ashley Nell Tipton working on her clothing line with JCPenney is more than inspiring….IT IS AMAZING. I can only hope to be in her shoes one day, or at least have the opportunity to work with and collaborate on a clothing line with a brand that I love or look up to.  I have been working on my plus size clothing line since last year. It can get very frustrating because I am doing everything myself, and I am working on a limited budget. If I could get a team together like this….you all wouldn’t be able to tell me anything! I also took a little break from working on things because I felt like I was doing too much. I was trying to do every idea that popped into my head, and I got overwhelmed. Then my fit model moved a few hours away. 🙁 Thank God I learned the lesson on to how to walk away from something and come back to it when I am more than ready.

Since I started working on my line again, I have created two samples. I have created a sleeveless dress and an oversized crop top. Both items are made in linen. I love linen because it is a fabric that is great for traveling and everyday life. You can wear it ironed or wrinkled. It really doesn’t matter because it looks good either way, and that cuts down on the time it takes to get dressed. My line will be a line of interchangeable basics that people can mix and match with either pieces from the line or pieces from their own closets to create their own wardrobe capsule collection.  If you don’t know what a wardrobe capsule collection is, try checking out my girl Tiffany Marie Tucker. She wrote a really good blog post on one.The collection will be timeless and seasonless since everything can be layered or worn with other items. I can’t wait to show you all what I have been cooking up.

Until then watch the video below to see how big brands bring a clothing line together, and then go check out Ashley Nell Tipton for Boutique + this September in a JCPenney near you.

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