Introducing My Unisex Seether Oversized Crop Top

unisex seether oversized crop top

unisex seether oversized crop top

While both of my states in the Carolinas are recovering from Hurricane Matthew, I thought I would share some good news with you. I am so happy to finally be able to introduce one of the first items in my clothing line. It is called the Unisex Seether Oversized Crop Top. All of the pieces in my collection are named after my favorite 90s rock songs that were either made or sung by women. This item will be available soon. I can’t wait to share it with you all. You may have seen it on my Instagram where it was worn by my friend Alexis from Alexis Style. She is always down to support. Thank you so much.

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This shirt can be made in most fabrics. I have even made one in a cute African print fabric that my friend Karma got me form Christmas. The bulk of these shirts will be made in linen. The top is $68. This Seether Crop Top is handmade and is a part of the slow fashion movement. What that means is that you are getting slower made fashion. This isn’t fast fashion churned out by the likes of Forever 21. There isn’t anything wrong with Forever 21. I love them too, but slow fashion is more ethical and better for the environment. Once you order from me I order the fabric from my supplier. That takes time. Then I will custom make the garment for you. Then I will send it to you. All of that takes time, but you are getting a handmade garment. A garment made with love.

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My fabric supplier has linen is a ton of colors. I am so glad that they do, because I know that some people want this color or that. The number of colors and fabric weights that they have is great. I am so glad that I found them because it was hard to find fabric locally in the weights and colors that I like. That is one of the struggles of fashion design. To minimize the stress of building a line, I am working on it very slowly and I am releasing one garment at a time.

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I have been working on this garment and others for over a year. This has been a labor of love. I even scraped stuff and started over again. I wanted to bring you into my process as a plus size fashion designer a little bit. This is a sample that I made last year. The progress I’ve made since then is really astounding to me because I was the person who had broken 6 sewing machines since the age of six. I am more than determined to follow my dreams of putting out quality garments that can be worn my many and that help people to build a minimal wardobe. I hope you all enjoy.


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