Nordstrom Has the Best Plus Size Tights

Looking for tights for the winter? Well look no more because I found them. I have been loving Nordstrom tights for two years now.  They truly are the best! Nordstrom has some of the sturdiest, best fitting, stylish plus size tights around. They fit me very well. As a matter of fact, they are one of the only brands that fits me perfectly.  They last forever if you treat them right, and they don’t bunch around my ankles or roll down all the way past my butt when I try to move around or get in and out of cars and whatnot. Seriously. You have to try these tights. I wear the Light Support and the Control Top.

FCC: I paid for these tights myself. This is an honest review.

By thefatandskinnyonfashion

Jai has been helping bring fashion and beauty news to women around the world as the editor of The Fat and Skinny on Fashion for 5 years!


  1. Hmm, I’m weary when there’s only one size for plus sizes, will the norstrom tights really fit someone that is 5’9 and 250 pounds are are they built for a short woman with a rounder body. I run into this problem a lot.

    1. They have two plus sizes for the tights. I am average height and the plus fit me perfectly. The plus 2 is for taller women. It might work.

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