TFAS Shop Tour: Brittons of Columbia

Yesterday I went to Brittons of Columbia on Devine Street and did a tour of the store and spoke with several of the employees. I learned that their jewelery selection, which is huge, ranges in price from $25-$500, and they are the only store in South Carolina that sells Armani Jean. The jeans, which dip down in the front and rise higher in the back for a flattering mid-rise waist, are cut to make you appear taller. Brittons also sells brands like Eileen Fisher and  celebrity favorite Hale Bob for women and Southern Tide and their world famous bowties for men. As I walked around the store, I noticed shoppers of all ages, mostly women aged late teens and above. There is truly something from everyone at Brittons.

*Since I know Father’s Day is coming up, I have a treat for you. Brittons has a world famous bow tie online shop all thanks to this video that was featured in the New York Times. First, watch their famous “How to Tie a Bow Tie” video to impress that special male in your life, then go to Brittons online shop I am thinking about getting my dad one. Now all I have to do is choose from a plethora of options. and buy that special male a snazzy bowtie.

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  1. love that purple top that she described as hippie. i think this calls for a shopping trip jai !!!!!!!

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