How to Transition to Natural Hair Week- The Easy Peasy Marley Hair Bun!

transition to natural hair

transition to natural hair
This week I am going to be featuring a series of YouTube videos that helped my transition to natural hair. My natural hair journey wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, and I really think that was because of the many YouTube videos that I watched every night. I have been natural for two years now, and I finally big chopped about one year and change into my journey. I know for some that may seem like an eternity when you are used to having relaxed hair. I hope this video series helps on your own natural hair journey.

Marley Braiding Hair is some super cheap hair, but it is great for those that are natural. You can make all kind of up-dos for day, night, work, or whatever in like five minutes. All you need is a hair tie, bobby pins, and the Marley Braiding Hair. Plus if you buy different colors, you can add highlights to your hair.

This is another one of those styles that I like because it is super easy to do and doesn’t take a lot of work. Sometimes I either slick back my hair with gel, or I leave it gel free because I like the texture. This style is super easy for those who are in a time crunch, and those who are trying to mask two different textures of hair. They now have a Marley weave with tracks, but I still think the original Marley Braiding Hair is the best to use. Check out NaturallyMadeBeauty‘s video below and subscribe to her channel.

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