Target’s Who What Wear Collection Brings The Plus Size Goodness For Fall


Target’s Who What Wear Collection
is chock full of amazingness and it comes in plus sizes too. Also Target’s other new lines are really great too, but this collection is so good. I went to the store with mom and I wanted to get these pants. The Who What Wear Collection Tapered Leg Patent Papaerbag Trouser is calling my name. I am so mad I didn’t get these pants. The only reason I didn’t get them is because I am still on my weight loss journey and every time I buy pants or skirts, they end up falling off of me the next week.

My mom told me to get those pants. Maybe I should have listened to her… They are literally haunting me in my dreams. What should I do? Should I get them and run the risk of them not fitting me for much longer or what? They are only $34.99 and I am so conflicted. Ugh! Who What Wear Collection…why do you have to be so good.

UPDATE: I went to the store today and tried them on. They are cute but tight in the crotch because they have lining in them. They fit everywhere else though. If I would have gotten a bigger size, they would end up being too small. ☹☹☹

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