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Wide Calf Boots
Wide Calf Boots1. Fabiola Wide Calf Boot, $39.95 ($59.95 – VIP Price), JustFab      2. Women’s Ryder Riding Boot, $49.99 (regular price is $59.99), Payless  3. Campbell Two Tone Riding Boot, $84.00 (on sale for $69.99), Avenue  4.Clean Riding Boot, $79.95,(on sale for $47.97) , Lane Bryant

As plus-size women, we struggle with a lot of ill-fitting clothing and accessories. Not to mention the struggle of finding wide calf boots during the fall and winter months. I am writing this post with compassion, because I too am affected by this problem. With boots being a fall fashion must-have, it is kind of hard to be without them. Below. I have written a few tips that will help you find wide calf boots as well as the best places to find these boots within your specific price range.

How to Find Wide-Calf Boots:

  • When looking for boots that fit for wider calves, look for elastic material that is embedded in the shoe’s material. The elastic makes the boot fit perfectly around your calf. However, if you do not like elastic material, some stores and/or online retailers, like Payless, carry boots that are made specifically for wide calves. Payless, for example, labels the shoes “Extended Calf Wide” and they go up to a size 13 online! If you want to learn more about how to choose the correct calf size when shopping online, click here.Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 2.19.37 PM

Note: Here’s a time-saving opportunity; before purchasing boots, be sure to have your feet and calves measured correctly to ensure an appropriate fit. Believe it or not, you can have your calves measured. Click here to see how to measure your calves; it’s quick and easy.

  • When going to try on boots, try them on with what you will be wearing with them most frequently. For example, if you plan on pairing your boots with jeans, wear the jeans when you go to the store to try on the boots.

  • Do not be fearful of online shopping, many retailers, such as Macy’s, Lane Bryant and Dillard’s have a lot of wide calf boots. If purchasing online, make sure the description says “wide calf” before you checkout! For those of you who would rather go into a store for boots and find that they are sold out in your size, the retailer may be able to restock in your size. Ask one of the shoe staff members if they could possibly order your size with a wide calf. They could have the shoes shipped to the store so you would not have to pay shipping and handling – don’t be afraid to ask!Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 2.19.14 PM

Where to Find Wide Calf Boots:

There are many online sites that sell wide-calf boots for reasonable prices. Below I have listed four websites with reasonable prices. Three of the four websites listed, may have stores in your area (marked with an asterisk), so if you are not able to find your size online, call the store to see if they have them in stock.







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