London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is halfway through. As usual London Fashion Week is the smallest of all the major fashion weeks, but creates some of the most creative looks. Bodyamr presented some amazing Grecian inspired clothes with wonderful draping. Hakaan showed excellent, architectural, and very short dresses that are great for the girl who wants to show her legs no matter how cold it is. The thing that pissed me off was Mark Fast. I am glad that Mark Fast uses plus size models in his shows, but just like last season, he decided to put them in completely unflattering clothes. I mean his clothes don’t look all that great on the regular models either, but I thought he would have learned his lesson from last season. Put the models in clothes that fit. Don’t just stuff them into clothes that purposely make them look fat to draw attention to that fact that you use plus size models. Photos from London Fashion Week.

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  1. I couldn't agree more about Mark Fast's use of plus size models! They looked horrible in that fashion show! And it take a lot to make Crystal Renn not look stunning. It's so frustrating and yet I'm still glad someone is using these models on the runway!

  2. The clothes are ugly and unflattering. And pretty trashy.
    Crystal Renn looks starved. I think she's losing too much weight.

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