How to Transition To Natural Hair Week- The Glorious Beshe Drew Wig

transition to natural hair

transition to natural hair
This week I am going to be featuring a series of YouTube videos that helped my transition to natural hair. My natural hair journey wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, and I really think that was because of the many YouTube videos that I watched every night. I have been natural for two years now, and I finally big chopped about one year and change into my journey. I know for some that may seem like an eternity when you are used to having relaxed hair. I hope this video series helps on your own natural hair journey.

The wig you see in the picture that I have been using in this blog series is the glorious Beshe Drew wig. Many a natural gal owns this wig, and some relaxed gals have it too! This wig is giver of life. Nobody looks bad in this wig. I have it is three different colors. Some of my wigs I have cut bangs into. Others I have just parted or left alone. Parted?!?! Jai what do you mean parted? Well the Beshe Drew wig is a…wait for it…lace front wig! The hair line doesn’t look wonky at all.

I love what you can do with this wig! I heard that a newer version might be shorter, but I am not to sure about that since I have had mine for over two years now. The curl pattern on my lighter wigs were a tad bit looser too. With time, this wig gets frizzier and frizzier and actually look better. If you don’t want it to get to frizzy, don’t play in it, but that might be too hard a task to complete. Check out colouredBeautiful‘s review below and subscribe to her channel. Also check out her channel because she has separate review videos for the other colors as well. Plus her wig tutorials are just plain great anyway.

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