TFAS Shop Tours : Versona Accssories Opens Up New Store In Columbia South Carolina

Yesterday I went to the grand opening of the brand new Versona Accessories store at the Village of Sandhill shopping center in Columbia, South Carolina. I wasn’t too familiar with this store. All I knew about it was that a friend had visited one in Charlotte, NC and loved it. She practically raved about it, so when a PR rep for the company invited me to the store I had to sneak a peek.

The store is located in the section of the shopping center near Belk, and it is huge. I saw them building something in the space, but I didn’t quite know what it was. Now I do. It is a behemoth of an accessories store. You can find gifts like pretty, decorative martini glasses, makeup, shoes, clothes, and a ton of jewelry organized by style, trend, and look. I was very impressed and plan on visiting them during the holidays to gather up a bunch of gifts for my many, many aunts. I don’t know how I managed to have so many aunts, but at prices ranging from $9.99 to $69.99 I can find something cute and affordable for each and every one of them.

Check out these pictures I took on Instagram. They show you just how cool this store is. A teenager could find great winter formal jewelry here. A bride could find her bridesmaid gifts or jewelry for her big day here. Your mom could find herself a pretty shawl or drinking glasses for her next girl’s night out. You could even find some hot shoes to wear. Now I must admit, they did give me a $25 gift certificate as a gift for attending the store. I thank them kindly, because with it I bought these cute pink shoes for $27 and they feel great.

*The gift card did not determine the outcome of this review. I really, really, really like Versona, and plan on going back next week even though I’m on a spending freeze. 😉 Shhh don’t tell dad!

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  1. Versonna is awesome!! It’s costume jewelry and so much more. It’s a wonderful atmosphere. Please with the intent to buy because you won’t be able to leave without doing so anyway. A great concept!!!

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