Three Street Style Looks I Would Love To Make In Plus Sizes

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I recently graduated from fashion design school, and am starting to cultivate what I want my line to be like. In the mean time, I still see items that I would like to see made in plus sizes regardless of whether I make them or not. Creating a plus size line is hard. Trying to develop a decent size chart and patterns to match is stressful, and trying to fight people’s stereotypes and misconceptions about themselves and how they should dress and/or how plus size women should dress in general is even more stressful. I get why developing a plus size line is hard, but come on…some of us want cute styles too.

I am heavily influenced by street style photography. Phil Oh is one of the best at capturing these random images of people sashaying from fashion show to fashion show for Vogue Magazine. I love how these women put looks together that I would think would match, but strangely do. I also love how they take one item of clothing and maximize to the height of fashion with a cool accessory or shoe. You don’t need much to make a great outfit.
Some people have a hard time with plus size women wearing big or oversized clothes. With all the body conscious skirts and dresses and crop tops out there, plus size women are finally feeling freedom. As a matter of fact, they get offended when they see designers making oversized clothes for plus size women. I love oversized clothes because I am love with a freer, more minimal look.. I am more prone to buy something boxy or oversized as a preference. I don’t see anything wrong with bodycon clothing, that just isn’t my style, and that is ok. The picture below is something that I would make for my line. I think it -along with all the others-would look great in plus and straight sizes.
Photos from Vogue Magazine and Phil Oh.

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  1. Gurl, you are so right! I love that plus size women have more options than past times but it would be nice to see more. I would absolutely ROCK-D-HECK outta that long cardigan. I’ve been wearing a lot of oversized pieces as of late, but I balance it out by pairing them with more form fitting options. I love when you said, it doesn’t take a lot to make a great outfit. That’s my motto. I tend to have one focal point and then add subtle details to add interest. It works!

    1. Same! I love the balance between the oversized pieces and the tighter pieces. It is about balance.

  2. I agree 100% about big/oversized items in plus sizes. That’s one reason why I love ASOS Curve… they’ve made some great shirt dresses that are big and roomy!

  3. Would love to see you recreate some of the looks! Congrats again on graduating 🙂

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